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We’re excited that through the incredible generosity of our energized supporters we’re able to take our message to the radio airwaves of District 26B to reach even more voters and help them learn more about Randy and why he deserves their vote.

Here are the scripts for the ads in rotation, for compliance with Minnesota campaign laws, and also for accessibility for those hard of hearing.

Thank you again for your support!
– Randy Brock for House Committee Staff


Hi, this is Randy Brock. For years you welcomed me into your homes to keep you prepared for our region’s ever-changing weather. Now I’m running for Minnesota House District 26B with the same focus, to keep us safe and healthy during the pandemic, and prepared for the future with real support for our schools, economy and our environment

I’m asking for your vote so I can represent all of us, from the farms to the city and everywhere in-between. It will be an honor to serve as your voice in our state government.


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Hi, I’m Randy Brock and I’m running for Minnesota House. 

Southeastern Minnesota is my home, and there is no place I’d rather live. I fish, run and hunt here. As your trusted weatherman, I’ve watched the skies and am worried about the changes threatening our environment and our way of life. You deserve a representative who understands climate science and uses this knowledge to find solutions to these challenges. As your voice in the state house I will work to protect our water, our air and our quality of life.


Paid for by the Randy Brock for House Committee


Hi, I’m Randy Brock and I’m running to represent District 26B in the Minnesota State House.  

This year has been a struggle. My boys miss their school, and as working parents my wife and I long for the way things used to be. But we’re all doing our part to make it work for our kids during this pandemic. A quality education is critical. Every child deserves to learn from the best equipped teachers in the safest facilities. As your voice in our state government, I will vote to fully fund our schools. To be there, for all our kids.


Paid for by the Randy Brock for House Committee


I’m Randy Brock, and like so many of you, I’m tired of the gridlock in government. We need state lawmakers to spend less time pleasing party leaders and more time finding solutions to the challenges we all face.

That’s why I’m running for Minnesota House.  

As your representative, I’ll work across political lines to deliver solutions that provide health, safety, prosperity, and opportunity for all Minnesotans. 


Paid for by the Randy Brock for House Committee

Press Release: throwing my hat in the ring

For Immediate Release:

June 1, 2020

Contact: Randy Brock at: randybrockforhouse@gmail.com; 507-421-6486

Randy Brock Announces Candidacy for House District 26B

(Eyota, MN)—Randy Brock, Minnesota native and community advocate announces his run for Minnesota House District 26B.

With fifteen years of community leadership and volunteering, Brock is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and education for every resident, from first generation immigrant citizens to multi-generational farmers. Residents’ stories are key to informing policy reform and creation. Brock is eager to talk to residents across the district, learning what is working and not working for the people of 26B. “In the wake of this pandemic, we have all been effected, but not in the same way. We need strong policy that ensures the health and well-being of each and every resident in our district,” Brock said.

Volunteering for numerous, local organizations from Meals on Wheels to Boys and Girls Club of Rochester, Randy has seen first-hand the needs of our community.. As the former President of Hiawatha Trout Unlimited and the Chair of Minnesota Trout Unlimited, he has also worked diligently to protect the trout streams, cold springs, and landscape unique to southeast Minnesota. He has also visited dozens of classrooms to teach weather safety and explain meteorology and is dedicated to the health and strength of local school districts.

Working together with other legislators to ensure the best outcomes for all Minnesotans is key to Brock’s strategy. “I’m not the only person who thinks their district is the best,” Brock said. “Partnering with other representatives to create innovative solutions that serve all Minnesotans equitably is key to the success of our overall economy.”


Randy is a real estate agent with Property Brokers of Minnesota. He received his degree in Meteorology from Metropolitan State University of Denver and worked on-air for 17 years, most of which were in Rochester. He lives in Eyota with his wife, Julie, sons, Drew and Owen, and three dogs. You can find him outside running, hunting, fishing, or trying to tame the buckthorn in his backyard. He wants to hear from you, so please reach out and randybrockforhouse@gmail.com.

To learn more about Randy Brock, visit Randybrock.mn, like his Facebook.com/RandyBrockforHouse, and follow him on Twitter.com/RandyBrockMN.

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